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Linnie Frank Bailey

Linnie Frank Bailey is a Marketing, Outreach, and Communications Consultant. She has over 30 years of experience providing public relations, communications, writing and publishing services to private, non-profit, and government organizations. She is a graduate of UCLA.     


Currently, she is the Business & Community Liaison for the Corona-Norco Unified School District Career Technical Education (CTE) Department. She also provides CTE consulting and writing services for numerous school districts including Riverside Community College District, Norco College, Desert Regional Colleges, and Central California Colleges. Bailey is also the Coordinator of the Youth Education Motivation Program (YEMP). YEMP Career Days are held at middle schools throughout the inland area.


In 2016, Bailey was the California Representative for the grassroots 'Draft Biden' movement. In 2008 & 2012, Bailey was an elected delegate to the DNC Convention. In 2008, she was a Regional Manager for the Obama campaign.


Bailey has taught Bible Study, both in-person and online, for over 20 years. She was married for 31 years to the late Greg Bailey. She has two children.

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CA State Assembly Rotunda

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Linnie Frank Bailey is a coordinator for the Youth Education Motivation Program (YEMP). YEMP 'career days' are held at middle-schools throughout Inland Southern California. YEMP speakers represent all industries and experience levels. The goal of the program is to motivate students to explore future career options and what it will take to reach their goals.

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by Linnie Frank (Bailey) and
(the late) Andria Hall
Doubleday | Penguin Random House
Through Scripture, original prayers and affirmations, and plain old-fashioned "straight talk," the authors tackle issues ranging from friendship, family, love, marriage, child-rearing, and work, all while underscoring the importance of faith and perseverance. 
In chapters such as "What You Won't Do for Love," "Keeping the Home Fires Burning," "A House Is Not a Home," "Jobs, Career, and Callings," and "Give Me That Old Time Religion," Frank and Hall discuss ways to      "live in the light."
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From 'Back of the Bus' to  'Black Lives Matter'

"My history will not be denied. 

It does not exist to appease or forgive. 

It cannot be canceled or white-washed.

It is not dead and buried, it is alive and well.

It is now, and always has been, the best part of me."

Linnie Frank Bailey, 2023

Washington Post Profile  

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Linnie Frank Bailey

Linnie Frank Bailey, an Obama delegate from California's 44th District, strolls the grounds of the state capitol in Sacramento with husband Greg Bailey. (Michael Rondou - For The Washington Post)

Something Just Clicked

An Obama Delegate's Road to Politics Began With an Online Donation 

By Jose Antonio Vargas

Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, June 10, 2008



SACRAMENTO: It all started last summer with a $10 online donation -- her very first political contribution.


With another click of the mouse, 52-year-old Linnie Frank Bailey, a political neophyte, morphed into a campaign volunteer. By fall, she'd taken on the titles of "area coordinator" and "regional field organizer." And by winter, she'd become a field commander of sorts, organizing a 10,000-square-foot presidential campaign office in southern California.



B.B. King, Bobby Bland, and a Night to Remember 

The year was 1976. I was a student at UCLA and heard on campus that blues singers B.B. King and Bobby Bland would be performing at the nearby Cocoanut Grove...





November 22, 1963: Memories of a Negro Child from Oakland

But for me, Negro reminded me of the young preacher, the civil rights leader always in suits, who talked about the dignity, hopes, and yes -- dreams of the Negro People. We were a People.... one of my earliest remembrances of our differences. They were Americans...we were a People.











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